Alloway New Jersey Stacey ~ Surrendering to grief

“Grief is a messy, unpredictable process with a life of its own. It’s a thief – sneaking up on you when you least expect it. And it’s elusive– not there when you predict it will be. It teaches you that you must surrender to it. You have no choice but to surrender to the avalanches of emotion. You hope that in some way, every time you cry, your heart becomes a little less broken and that with every avalanche, you heal.” ~Stacey Friedman

Stacey is an incredible woman. She has such a presence about her, you can truly feel her power. She is brave, strong, and passionate. So when she reached out to me and asked me if I’d be willing to create images that represented her grief in a symbolic way I was honored. To be given the privilege to aid her in her healing journey and to hold a safe space for her to express herself and her emotions was extraordinary.

Grief is something that we all experience at one point in our lives. But it looks different for each and every one of us. Walking through this process and allowing yourself to feel the waves as they crash over you is extremely difficult work. I was so impressed by Stacey’s willingness to bear her soul to create this art. Her vulnerability took an immense amount of courage. But that is the birth place of healing and I think the images we created tapped into that.

The human spirit yearns for connection in difficult times. We all feel pain and struggle and we all deserve to feel like we are not alone when we are going through it. When you view these images I hope you connect with the power of Stacey’s vulnerability. We all experience grief. We experience it in our own way, but none of us are doing it alone…


Alloway New Jersey Alicia ~Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

"I knew that my bright light was still inside of me and I would get it back to share and shine bright with others." ~Alicia Thorp

  Alicia is a survivor.  She is a strong, courageous, and inspiring light worker.  Her story is one of overcoming adversity and sharing hope and inspiration with others through her journey.  She made the choice to not be a victim of domestic, verbal, and mental abuse by allowing her inner light to shine brighter than the storm life was taking her through.  She believes that you are not what has happened to you, you are who you become through difficult times. 

  We felt that photographing Alicia coming out of the darkness and into the light was the best way to visually display her story.  I strived to capture her strength and beauty by tapping into her inner light and allowing her to celebrate her free spirit.  Yoga and mindfulness have played a huge part in her healing journey so we wanted to represent that part of herself as well. 

 I have so much gratitude for this incredible experience with Alicia.  Her ability to find peace within herself after experiencing so much pain is truly remarkable.  She opened herself up to me in such a vulnerable way and I truly appreciate her courage and open heart.  I believe we created magic together...