Batsto New Jersey Crystal ~ I am power. I empower.

“Every mom has had that time in her life when she just needed an extra lift in life; someone to believe in her; to educate her. That’s where I come in.” ~Crystal V. Pizarro

Crystal is a gifted life coach for moms. She is passionate about empowering moms with the tools they need to live a fulfilled life. She is authentic, grounded, and inspiring. It was my absolute honor to capture these photos for her business platform but most of all to take her through this unique personal experience.

We chose to have Crystal’s photo session in Batsto because she loves earthy elements as well as old architecture and feeling the history in places. It was a gorgeous autumn day and the golden sunlight was dappling through the trees providing the perfect backdrop for us to get in our creative zone. We approached each photo with emotional mindfulness as she channeled the confidence, calm, balance, happiness, and focus that she helps her clients achieve through her work.

Crystal is doing such amazing work in the world. I have personally worked with her as an overwhelmed mother and the tools and support she has provided me with have been priceless. It was so gratifying for me to photograph her and allow her to be on the receiving end for a change. She certainly deserves to feel her power and beauty as she helps so many others find peace and calm in their lives.

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Clarksboro New Jersey Beth ~ Transforming obstacles into purpose

"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit."

~ Napoleon Hill


  Beth is full of inner strength and beauty that stems deep from within.  At the age of 33 years old she was diagnosed with a rare form of breast cancer.  She endured 5 surgeries and 8 chemotherapy treatments over the course of a year while mothering her children at the ages of 3 and 6.  During this time she was humbled by the incredible amount of support she received from family and friends.  From inspirational cards, prepared meals, and house cleaning services to a basket of surprises after each one of her treatments she felt supported and grateful for those around her for uplifting her spirits and showing that they cared. 

  That year was the most difficult period of her life, but it taught her so much about herself.  She discovered an inner strength she had never known before and developed a deeper appreciation for life.  Through this experience she was able to see the goodness in so many people as they rallied around her to uplift her spirits through their love, thoughts, prayers, generosity, and support.   This is where the seed for her non profit Hearts United Against Cancer was planted.  

  Hearts United Against Cancer focuses on uniting hearts to deliver comfort & support to men, women, & children fighting cancer.  Their mission is to deliver comfort and support to Cancer Heroes through their care & comfort bundle program.  Through this volunteer organization Beth is able to give back to so many others what she received during her difficult time.  In the past four years they've delivered over 16,000 bundles country wide. 

  Beth won a mind and body makeover hosted by Crystal V. Pizarro, an empowering life coach for moms and Impact Moms a Facebook community of moms in South Jersey excited about learning how to find the happiness, confidence, focus, calm & balance they crave, within themselves.   I was a part of the makeover team Crystal put together to pamper this deserving mother from the inside out.  She received hair and makeup, a massage and facial, coaching services, and a yoga session and symbolic photography session with me.  I was so humbled and grateful to have been a part of this beautiful experience with Beth and truly honored to have been a part of her journey. So much joy exuded from her during our session and the photos speak for themselves...