Alloway New Jersey Autumn ~ Barefoot in the woods

I've never encountered a negative thought or feeling that cannot be reversed or solved with a little time with my bare feet in the dirt. ~ Autumn

  Autumn is adventurous, whimsical, and a lover of life.  She lights up when she's in nature and has a deep connection with the Earth.  She speaks to the trees, insects, and animals and has a pure innocence about her.  It is truly like witnessing a wood sprite in their element when you spend time with her in the woods.  I wanted to capture that magical feeling she is able to channel in her photos. 

  It was early spring and April showers had graced us with puddles and mud.  So Autumn suggested that we embrace what Mother Nature graced us with and seize the moment.  She jumped into the puddles, planted seeds, walked on trees and her spirit came alive. 

  We shared a beautiful experience together in this photo session as she took a leap of faith by working with me and helped me bring my vision of Gaia Dawn Studios to life.  So not only was I able to show her a side of herself that she'd never seen but I was able to share that experience with her as I saw myself light up through the process.  I am so grateful to have shared this experience with her and I'm incredibly proud of what we created together.