I'm Jennifer Roth and I'm the woman behind Gaia Dawn Studios. Through my journey with depression and healing I discovered a fierce passion for women empowerment. My goal is to help women recognize that they are strong and powerful in every aspect of their lives.


“I am a woman who has climbed mountains to find her voice.

A woman who has faced fear and anguish to find her power.

A woman who is rewriting the stories of her heart to thrive and banish the toxic beliefs she took on about herself to cope with trauma.

I am a woman who loves who she is.

And as I take each step along this path of privilege I honor and bow to the Goddess within.”

I believe every woman deserves a journey of self discovery and I want to be a part of that process for you. I'd like to provide that by getting to know you, coaching you on self love, and capturing the moment when you feel your strongest and most alive. 


Let’s work together to capture the essence of you and illuminate the beauty within.