Finding self-acceptance through yoga workshop


All of us struggle to some degree with body image issues.
yoga can help you feel more confident about the skin you're in.

Join Jenn for a practice focused on self-acceptance and loving
where we are at this moment.

Our happiness starts within. As human beings and spirits, we connect with vulnerability because it is truthful. When we feel better about ourselves, we take better care of ourselves. Let’s start being grateful for this wonderful body in all its glory.
It’s the perfect instrument to experience this incredible journey we call life.
Tune your body into the frequency of happiness by loving yourself exactly as you are. You are a miracle of engineering, love and light—please celebrate that. Your body, mind and soul respond better to positive reinforcement rather than constant negative criticism. If you want to have a happy positive life, change your approach to how you treat yourself. Happiness begins within.

SUNDAY JULY 21st 6-7:30pm

at Bee inspired Yoga